year wine qty. €/bottle  
red wine2005Celler Vall Llach655Add to cart
red wine1998Cims Porrera672Add to cart
red wine2006Clos Erasmus, Daphne Glorian6197Add to cart
red wine2007Clos Erasmus, Daphne Glorian6246Add to cart
red wine2004Clos Mogador, Barbier6136Add to cart
red wine1997Ermita, Alvaro Palacios6325Add to cart
red wine2000Ermita, Alvaro Palacios6302Add to cart
red wine2003Jean Leon627Add to cart
red wine2009Jean Leon618Add to cart
red wine2004Pasanau631Add to cart
red wine2003Torra, Tirant Rotlan687Add to cart
red wine2005Torra, Tirant Rotlan657Add to cart

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The wine bottles have a content of 750ml unless explicitly mentioned differently.